NaivecoinStake is a tutorial to build from scratch a cryptocurrency using the Proof of Stake consensus.

Most of this amazing work has been done by Lauri Hartikka, find the original tutorial here: 👏

I copied his tutorial for learning purpose, and I only replaced the “Proof of Work (mining)” consensus with “Proof of Stake (minting)”. The reason why is pretty simple, Proof of Work is always criticized for using a lot of energy, and Proof of Stake is always showed as an energy efficient alternative 🌳

Since I didn’t find any tutorial for a Proof of Stake (PoS) implementation, I decided to investigate myself and implement it into a fork of Naivecoin.

This implementation of the Proof of Stake consensus is very simple and therefore cannot be used in production. Also, keep in mind that this tutorial is not perfect, so feel free to contribute, the source is open.